Professional occupations
Law, Physicains, Dental
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Optional services costs:
  • PressToSeal self-sealing lined enveolpes in place of regular lined envelopes: .17 per envelope ($4.25 per unit of 25)

  • extra lines of standard font imprint: $4.00 ea. per order. Three lines come standard on cards and envelopes, 1 additional line is available on cards for $4.00 per order .

  • All personalizations will be centered on the card and on the back flap of the envelope. Any other arrangement or special spacing is $10 per order plus any extra line charges.

  • Any one color ink logo from vector art, alternate font or size other than 14 pt Times Roman) or is FREE. A custom verse may be substituted for $25.00 per order.

  • Standard inks are Red, Blue, Gold, Green and Black. All other color requests are $20 and require a PMS (Pantone Matching System) number for uncoated stock.

  • Multiple color ink logo is FREE with furnished vector art in color.

  • Artwork sent with non-vector artwork may be charged $35.00 per order

  • Foil stamped logos or font other than 14 pt Times Roman may require a one-time $100 die charge

  • e-proof for orders of less than 500 cards $20 per requested proof. Please provide e-mail address. Customer alterations to copy/artwork after submitted proof: $10 per change (does not apply to corrections).

  • Multiple signatures may be added to personalization (request a signature template) for $30 per order

  • For internet based email accounts such as "Gmail" follow these steps:
    1) Open up another tab on your internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer).
    2) In the newly opened tab, access your email account as you normally would. Address an email message to your dealer.
    3) Come back to this tab.
    4) Take your mouse and highlight all the information below these instructions. In other words, take your mouse and press and hold the left mouse button on the left side of the phrase "Actual Email". While holding down the left button of your mouse drag your mouse all the way down to end of this page.
    5) Release the left mouse button.
    6) Click on the "Edit" menu at the top of your browser. Click on "Copy"
    7) Now return to the newly opened browser which has the email addressed to your dealer. Click on the body part of the email, the area where you would type the message part of an email.
    8) Click the right mouse button, from the menu that just appeared click on "Paste".
    9) The information that was on this page should now appear on the email addressed to your dealer. All you have to do now is simply click "Send" and the order will be emailed to your dealer.